Discover Xylokastro!

Xylokastro, a coastal town on the north-eastern side of the Peloponnese has been a popular touristic resort from 1920 until today.

Geographic features include a large beach and semi-arid forests on varied terrain, scattered with early churches and evidence of early settlements and religious sites. It has narrowly separated upper and lower coastal roads and forms a medium-sized touristic town on the Gulf of Corinth.

One of the most popular places of interest is the famous pine forest, named Pefkias. "The green shore of our country" as it is called by the poet Kostas Karyotakis. Its beauty was also celebrated by another really important Greek poet, Angelos Sikelianos, whose residence was in the area.

The church of Saint Vlasios, a monument of Byzantine architecture and art with murals created by Kontoglou, a famous Greek artist dominates the central square.

In just a half hour by car you can be on the mountain of Zireia (Killini), visit the traditional mountain village Trikala, and wander through the canyon of Flabouritsa.

Five kilometers from the city and between Kamari and Loutro you will find one of the most beautiful gorges in Greece, Fonisa (murderess).


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Distances from Green Village:
. Athens :119 km
. Airport “El. Venizelos” :140 km
. Port of Patras : 89 km
. Ancient Corinth : 36 km
. Ancient Olympia :194 km
. Epidavros : 95 km
. Kalavrita : 72 km
. Ziria mountain : 30 km