Seize the day!

Days in Green Village are filled with total relaxation at the pool bar, swimming in the pool’s crystal clear water and playing in the playground or at the small sports field. Children will freely and safely roam the premises: families and children will experience the closeness to nature, the safety, the freedom and the hospitality of a “small village”, which is offered exclusively to the residents of the resort.
At walking distance (less than 150m) you can find the beach of the Corinthian Bay which is awarded the Blue Flag for its water quality.
A few steps away from our resort (10 min walking distance) the numerous sport facilities of Xylokastro are located, alongside the Sythas river and the: tennis, volleyball, beach-volleyball and basketball courts, mini soccer fields and an amusement park.

At the same site, next to the picturesque marina, there is the open theater “Vassilis Georgiades” where a large number of cultural activities such as concerts, theater plays and events are organized by the municipality of Xylokastro.

A few minutes away by car you can wander through the famous Pefkias forest where you will find beach-bars and opportunities for water sports.

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