Sustainable Tourism

Green Village has been involved in various initiatives and activities for the promotion of sustainable tourism.


The ALTOUR-MED (Alternative Tourism for the Mediterranean Region) project (2022-2-MT01-KA210-VET-000096406) is a small scale educational project funded by the EU. It targets current and future tourism professionals in three Mediterranean regions (Malta, Italy & Greece).

ALTOUR-MED is a transformative project dedicated to advancing alternative tourism offers in the targeted regions through strategic upskilling initiatives for key stakeholders.

More information: ALTOUR-MED Website


Call2Nature is an Erasmus+ project in the field of Youth Education that involves 6 partners from 4 Countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, and Denmark), working together to raise awareness and educate regarding smart and healthy use of smartphones and technology. Its main objective is to help young people reconnect with the physical world, as well as show youth how to use their digital world to have a positive impact on their physical world by engaging in digital activism.

More information: Call2Nature Website


The project is committed to providing professionals in the hospitality sector, aspiring individuals and vocational education teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate circularity strategies into the hotel industry through a comprehensive training course.

More information: Circular4Hospitality Website


The SMART II project aims at supporting organisational capacity building among tourism professionals in the three participating countries (Spain, France and Greece) towards the promotion of inclusiveness and accessibility in the tourism industry.

More information: Smart Tourism Website


Touristable aims to create an Innovative Training Model that enables the VET sector to move closer to the needs of the labor market and at the same time relate to the issues of Inclusion and Innovation in the Tourism